16 Dec 2020 Then again, that's not really what they're saying. They're saying hej hej, which means “goodbye” in Danish, and is also just a doubled-up version 


22 Nov 2019 Hej from Aarhus, Denmark! · I arrived in Aarhus mid-September and was extremely lucky to enjoy the last of the good weather before the rain set 

Sometimes, a single hej can also be used to  25 Aug 2014 Learn how to use the Danish sentence ""Hej hej!"" (Bye-bye!) by discussing it with the Duolingo community. 30 Jul 2019 Hej! (Hello!) Luckily for you, basic phrases are super easy. In Denmark, people say 'hej!' to greet each other, pronounced just like 'hi'. DanishEdit. 16 Dec 2020 Then again, that's not really what they're saying. They're saying hej hej, which means “goodbye” in Danish, and is also just a doubled-up version  11 Jan 2019 Read about the 5 cardinal words of Copenhagen, Denmark. We say hej ( pronounced hi); one time when we greet people and two times  7 Aug 2017 Hej hej … Bye bye – this is the most common way to say goodbye casually in Danish.

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En avskedshälsning som används när en eller flera personer i en situation, ett samtal eller på en plats går iväg medan andra stannar kvar. Danish. hedonisme; hedonistisk; hefte; heftig; heftigt; hegemoni; hegemonsik; hegn; hegnpanel; hej; hej hej; hejre; hejsa; hejse; hejse ved hjælp af et spil; hejsespil; hejseværk; heks; heksehyl; heksejagt; heksekedel; Derudover tilbyder bab.la en dansk-engelsk ordbog for flere oversættelser. hej (også: goddag) volume_up. grüß dich {interj.} [hverd.] hej (også: dav, davs, goddag) volume_up. hallihallo {interj.} [hverd.] hej (også: dav, davs, farvel, farvel så længe, goddag, ha' det godt) volume_up.

Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce hej hej in Danish with native pronunciation. hej hej translation and audio pronunciation.

Ha en bra dag!! Hej hej vardag! "6000+ Swedish - Danish Danish - Swedish Vocabulary" - is a list of more than As well as Danish speakers interested in learning Swedish.


Hej hej danish

Let the learning begin! How to say HELLO in Danish Everywhere you go in Sweden, people “hej” at you. If you don’t know that “hej” means “hello” in Swedish, you might be slightly confused as to why everybody is trying to get your attention. Because that’s what we use “hey” for in English, among many other things, right? “Hej!” in Swedish doesn’t have any of… Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Hej hej danish

Luckily, the pronunciation of the Danish greeting is exactly the same as the pronunciation of ‘hi’ in English.
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Hej has a flea market and barn dance. Study Danish courses. Yes, I accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement. Jag äger inte rättigheterna PewDiePie - Respect Wamen (Remix) 1:32. PewDiePie - Jag Saknar (Remix) 1:43.

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9 Jun 2015 Geographically the smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark is the region's powerhouse. The trailblazing nation has led the revolution in 

Top Danish Rahi Lyrics Farishta Chalo Mere Saath Downtown Exit Jaan-e-man. Related Danish Rahi Links Official page Hey video Danish Rahi twitter Danish Rahi facebook.

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What does hey mean? Used to express greeting. (interjection)

Which is the right way to pronounce the pervicacious? per-vi-ca-ci-ous As a newcomer to Denmark or to the Danish language, you might be confused when you hear people saying “hi hi” whenever they part.